Think Staging a Home with Kids Is Impossible?

Then You Need These Tips


Selling a home is stressful. Aside from worrying about offers, you also need to worry about keeping your homes clutter-free and clean. If you have a busy schedule, this can already feel like a challenge, but when you factor kids in, things can start to feel impossible.


So, how can you reduce this tension and keep your home clean, decluttered, and staged? Well, these tips can get you off to the right start.


Save Yourself Time by Investing in Housekeeping Services


When you’re a parent who is trying to be responsible with the family budget, spending money on professional maid services may seem like a splurge. In reality, local maid services don’t have to cost you a fortune, with services in the Atlanta area running from $123 to $230 for an interior cleaning. Not to mention that budgeting for a professional cleaning service is a good way for busy parents to save some stress and time, especially when their homes need to be in top shape to impress and attract potential buyers. Research shows that when people spend money to save time, they often tend to feel happier.


Do you prefer to do your own cleaning? If so, you should start with a thorough deep cleaning, so set aside a day for this task. Then, you will need to take steps to keep your home clean so it will be ready for those last-minute showings.


Get Your Kids Involved by Encouraging Them to Downsize


If your kids’ rooms are currently filled to the brim with toys and other stuff, now may be the perfect time to declutter and organize together. Begin in the closets and then work your way to toys, games, and other possessions. Encourage your kids to think critically about what they want to keep and what they are okay giving up. Also, have your children express gratitude to the toys and games they decide to give away to help them develop more mindfulness.


Once you have everything sorted and simplified, you can begin organizing and staging your kids’ bedrooms. This may come as a surprise, but cute and cozy children’s rooms can be a huge selling point for potential buyers, especially if they have kids of their own.


Move Your Personal Items and Decor into a Safe Storage Space


Staging a home is all about creating an inviting atmosphere that helps potential homebuyers picture themselves living in your home. Removing bulky furniture and decluttering bedrooms can be so helpful for achieving this effect, but you may need to remove personal items as well. If you have a beautifully styled family photo or art wall, you may be able to keep those items up without detracting from the appeal of your home. If decluttering your kids’ bedrooms already has your closets and storage spaces full of stuff, you may want to think about budgeting for a storage unit rental, so you will have a safe space for extra furniture and goods. Fortunately, you can find self-storage units in Atlanta starting at around $20 per month.


Leave Your Family Pets With Family Members, Friends or Sitters


If you have kids in your home, chances are you also have some furry family members. While your pets may enrich your life with love and loyalty, selling homes with pets can present some added challenges. Because some buyers can be completely turned off by knowing that pets live in a home, you should be sure to remove any signs that you have an animal before any showings or open houses. Keep an opaque storage box in your closet or garage, so you can quickly stash your pet’s belongings before potential buyers arrive. You should also create a plan to get your pets out of the house for open houses and showings, so leave them with a trusted friend or family member. If needed, you can also hire a pet sitter to keep an eye on your furkids.


Staging a home with kids can be challenging, but it can be done easily and cheaply. You may need to ask for help from professionals, family members, friends, and your children, but you should be able to sell your home without a lot of stress or hassle.

By Kristin Louis

Photo Credit: Unsplash